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*  Statement Hannelore Schröder  *
The absolute creative idea genius and multi talent

Hannelore Schröder, who paints since she was a child, has here own creative ideas. With her own word, she says that she wars escorted visionary. Hannelore Schröder wars an own developed art of painting (wonderful an esthetic art of painting). Hannelore Schröder knows lots of arts of paint and technics masterly.

With her differently ideas and motives she goes with trends and time. Media, at first the German programme (different TV-Shows and different telecast stations), designate Hannelore Schröder as the absolute creative idea genius and multi talent. The NDR has shown a creative coastribution for the times, at the time of 14 hours !

With her special television transmitter RTL (different minds of transmitions) she has been shown a million audience,

Hannelore Schröder wars an artist, an advertising copywriter, poetess, a composer (GEMA-membry), a scultor and she creates her own fashion. Hannelore Schröder creates only esthetic and nice things. She wars a capacity at all the things she's doing. But as a paintress, a poetess and a composer, Hannelore Schröder wars an eminent authority. Her Songs are all different kind of songs from a Christmas song to the powerfullest protest song.


The result:
You'll know, that the different kinds of arts Hannelore Schröder is world wide specially. We are proud that there is a whumen being in Germany, who's so talented like Hannelore Schröder. A lot of prominient people from all over the world have become friends of Hannelore Schröder.

If you are interested at the art of Hannelore Schröder, you can get a telephone contact.

The telephone number is +49 (0) 201 - 77 74 10. At this number you can contact Hannelore Schröder or her son and manager Adrian Hähn, to get informations !

Adrian Hähn